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We enable the first crypto payments in the jewellery and retail sector in Europe

October 7, 2020
On the 23rd of September, we celebrated with Courbet a ground-breaking partnership in their showroom Place Vendome.

Our technology will allow Courbet’s customers to pay in cryptocurrencies in-store via electronic payment terminals (EFTPOS terminals) and on its website via the Lunu widget – which facilitates the same processing and exchange functions...

Save the Oceans with Lunu!

September 3, 2020
Our support of the TBA21-Academy’s Venice exhibition this year explores the impact of human activity on the world’s oceans through the lens of art, creativity, and technology.

Lunu is more than an easy, efficient crypto payment system with a sleek, modern payment terminal. Lunu is an aspirational brand, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a commitment to the arts and aesthetics.

Lunu’s New Mobile Terminal is Ready to Accept Cryptos

July 10, 2020
Small is beautiful… especially when there is big functionality inside!

That’s the case with the new Lunu mobile terminal: it allows crypto wallet holders to use their cryptos instantly, in normal retail transactions, like the original terminal but offers more security, better UI/UX functionality, and broader use, all in a sleeker, smaller design-conscious casing.

We’re connecting cryptos with real life! Join Us In Amsterdam in September

May 19, 2020
Lunu Solutions, the Berlin-based startup, is closing the gap between cryptos and retail with the launch in September of a revolutionary processing system along with the sleek, modern in-store Lunu Terminal, and the online Lunu Widget that make it possible to use a wide range of cryptos in swift, cost-efficient, above-board retail transactions. That’s good news for the 40 million people holding crypto wallets today.