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Fashion giant Farfetch partners with Lunu to accept crypto payments

July 1, 2022

Luxury retailer Farfetch joins the list of retailers accepting cryptocurrency. Learn more about innovative payment methods and the Lunu technology behind them.

Crypto payment solutions in 2022: What’s the best method?

January 15, 2022

This article looks at the most suitable options for crypto payment integration offered on the global market today.

The Catch uses the Lunu payment terminal to accept cryptocurrency payments

December 23, 2021

Through its partnership with Lunu, trendy Berlin restaurant The Catch has taken an innovative step with real added value.

Lunu joins forces with Paxful to increase meaningful adoption of crypto payments in everyday life, everywhere

December 6, 2021

Paxful, today's leading peer-to-peer (P2P) fintech platform worldwide, partners with Lunu to facilitate purchases of goods and services in cryptocurrencies.

Lunu announces a partnership with ARCHOS, a French pioneer in consumer electronics

October 26, 2021

Lunu's technology, which allows customers to pay for their purchases in cryptocurrencies without pre-exchanging cryptos for fiat money, will be available on Archos website.

Lunu's strategic partnership with Binance

October 26, 2021

Lunu is an official partner of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, which allows customers to have access to the most advantageous crypto-to-fiat exchange rates.

Lunu participates in "Ridge to Reef" podcast with international artist Jeremy McKane

April 20, 2021

Interested in the cocktail of #sustainability, blockchain technology and contemporary #art?

We would like to invite you to dive into the future of interconnectivity of these areas and listen to a very inspiring podcast "Ridge To Reef" with Jeremy McKane, an international artist and activist, Markus Reymann, Director of the TBA21-Academy, and Vadim Grigoryan, our CMO.

Lunu presents at DC Finance conference in NYC

January 21, 2021
Today our Chief Marketing Officer, Vadim Grigoryan presents at the DC Finance's high-networth blockchain conference in NYC, together with Ian Lee, Co-Founder & Managing Director, IDEO CoLab Ventures; and Anthony Di Iorio, Founder & CEO, Decentral & Jaxx wallet, and Co-Founder, Ethereum.

Lunu enables the first crypto payments in the wine sector in France!

January 18, 2021
We set-up our widget on website, a wine and champagne marketplace based in Meursault, Burgundy. It will allow customers to pay in cryptocurrencies and access the competitive crypto-to-fiat exchange rates in real-time.

LUNU to discuss the future of money and crypto adoption in Retail, on the 12th of January 2021 with Internet Retailing!

January 6, 2021
Lunu teams up with Internet Retailing, market-leading media company for e-commerce and multichannel retailers in the UK and the EU, to deliver an on-line webinar and a QnA session Payment Revolution: the future of money and crypto adoption in retail.

Laurent Grasso becomes Lunu Art Link's first commissioned artist

December 8, 2020
What is the link between a crypto-payment specialist and one of Europe's leading conceptual artists? What made them both come together? In a nutshell: technology - but not just any kind. Blockchain, the most disruptive innovation since the internet and is set to turn business life as we know it on its head.

Lunu to speak about the future of blockchain at Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020

December 4, 2020
All around the world, blockchain specialists and crypto-lovers are regularly getting together to exchange knowledge and best practices. Among the chosen locations and events is the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), gathering over 1,700 entrepreneurs, investors and press. On the 9th and 10th of December, hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts will join the virtual event to celebrate the biggest technological revolution since the internet.

We enable the first crypto payments in the jewellery and retail sector in Europe

October 7, 2020
On the 23rd of September, we celebrated with Courbet a ground-breaking partnership in their showroom Place Vendome.

Our technology will allow Courbet's customers to pay in cryptocurrencies in-store via electronic payment terminals (EFTPOS terminals) and on its website via the Lunu widget – which facilitates the same processing and exchange functions...

Save the Oceans with Lunu!

September 3, 2020
Our support of the TBA21-Academy’s Venice exhibition this year explores the impact of human activity on the world’s oceans through the lens of art, creativity, and technology.

Lunu is more than an easy, efficient crypto payment system with a sleek, modern payment terminal. Lunu is an aspirational brand, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a commitment to the arts and aesthetics.

Lunu’s New Mobile Terminal is Ready to Accept Cryptos

July 10, 2020
Small is beautiful… especially when there is big functionality inside!

That’s the case with the new Lunu mobile terminal: it allows crypto wallet holders to use their cryptos instantly, in normal retail transactions, like the original terminal but offers more security, better UI/UX functionality, and broader use, all in a sleeker, smaller design-conscious casing.

We’re connecting cryptos with real life! Join Us In Amsterdam in September

May 19, 2020
Lunu Solutions, the Berlin-based startup, is closing the gap between cryptos and retail with the launch in September of a revolutionary processing system along with the sleek, modern in-store Lunu Terminal, and the online Lunu Widget that make it possible to use a wide range of cryptos in swift, cost-efficient, above-board retail transactions. That’s good news for the 40 million people holding crypto wallets today.