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Laurent Grasso becomes Lunu Art Link's first commissioned artist

December 8, 2020
Laurent Grasso, Naturalconnection, 2020
Laurent Grasso, Naturalconnection, 2020

What is the link between a crypto-payment specialist and one of Europe’s leading conceptual artists? What made them both come together? In a nutshell: technology - but not just any kind. Blockchain, the most disruptive innovation since the internet and is set to turn business life as we know it on its head.

On the 10th of December 2020, we’ll be launching Lunu Art Link, an annual artist commission focused on fusing contemporary art with new blockchain technologies. Laurent Grasso, renowned French conceptual artist, is the first commissioned artist for this initiative. Grasso was awarded the order of Arts and Letters from the French Ministry of Culture (2016) the Marcel Duchamp Prize (2008) and held membership of the French Academy in Rome - Villa Médicis (2004-2005). His most notable solo exhibitions in recent years appeared at Palais Fesch in Ajaccio, in Hong Kong’s Edouard Malingue Gallery, and at the Foundation d’Entreprise Hermès in Tokyo.

Grasso’s unique artwork was inspired by images of blockchain connectivity maps and Lunu’s brand vision of global interconnectivity, facilitated by blockchain’s distributive network of links in which every component relies on another. The artist rendered two trees as a technical scan from top to bottom, including the roots. Each tree has its own independent nexus of branches and leaves above ground. Underground, the image reveals another network - one that links both trees - revealing their connection and interdependence. It also underscores the realisation that technology is part of nature, fully integrated into our daily lives, while rejecting the long-established nature/culture divide at a macro level.

“Aesthetically, we wanted to keep a scientific aspect to express the idea of a “network” in biological terms -- to show that technology is truly becoming part of our nature not only through extensions such as phones and computers, but in the processes and protocols we follow throughout our lives,” says artist Laurent Grasso.

“We are proud to be able to support this initiative. We too believe fighting climate change is too serious to be treated as a side occupation,” said Artem Shaginyan, founder and CEO of Lunu Solutions. “We are delighted to provide Laurent with financial support for his worthy project.”

“Art is at the heart of Lunu’s DNA and this collaboration is part of Lunu’s Art Link series, an ongoing project that invites different artists to express themselves on topics related to global warming,” said Lunu partner and chief marketing officer Vadim Grigoryan. “This series of artistic collaborations help us share our belief in the transformative power of art. Technology, too, is transformative, but far more successful when we couple it with the emotional side of art and creativity. This coupling creates a transformation that resonates in people’s minds and souls.”

Grasso’s work - “Natural Connection” - will be available to the public as an exclusive and limited edition collection of 1,000 t-shirts with an RRP of €70, to be purchased only using cryptocurrency through our innovative payment systems – via the online Lunu widget or through the Lunu terminal. These t-shirts, 100% cotton and made in the European Union, are available through the Lunu online shop and at events in which Lunu participates. You can also save up to 50% when paying with Lunu Wallet in the network of Lunu partner retailers.

Naturalconnection T-shirts are available in black or in white.
Naturalconnection T-shirts are available in black or in white.

You can save 50% when paying with Lunu Wallet.

10% of all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund’s Trillion Trees Initiative, which supports efforts to plant trees and expand tree cover.

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