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Palm Angels accepts crypto enabled by LUNU

December 20, 2023
Palm Angels accepts crypto enabled by LUNU

LUNU, a trailblazer in cryptocurrency payments, proudly announces its dynamic partnership with Palm Angels, an influential force in avant-garde streetwear. From this moment onward, Palm Angels enthusiasts across the globe can immerse themselves in a cutting-edge shopping experience, making purchases using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This collaboration not only underscores the growing trend of incorporating digital currencies in high-end fashion but also cements LUNU and Palm Angels as trailblazers shaping the future of retail.

Palm Angels is famous for its breaking-the-rules approach since its inception almost 10 years ago, when Francesco Ragazzi, the then creative director of Moncler, created a book about LA’s skate-culture. This book turned out to become a brand that treats fashion as entertainment, surprising its audience with projects, such as a collection dedicated to Haas, America’s sole Formula 1 team or A/W 2019 collection inspired by iconic artist Jeff Koons.

In line with its groundbreaking approach, Palm Angels now uses the LUNU crypto payment gateway.

The team at LUNU expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Introducing a modern payment solution to an iconic streetwear brand aligns with our commitment to merge digital assets with the dynamic fashion retail landscape seamlessly".

Futuristic Fashion Landscape

As a leader in luxury streetwear, Palm Angels consistently embraces technological strides to stay at the forefront of the industry. By integrating LUNU's payment solutions, Palm Angels caters to a tech-savvy customer base while amplifying its reputation as a trendsetter in style and innovation.

Global Cryptocurrency Convenience

Palm Angels customers can experience the real-world application of cryptocurrency by utilizing LUNU crypto terminals at the Palm Angels store located at Via Pietro Verri, 4, 20121, Milan, Michigan, Italy.

Priority on Security and Compliance

Integral to LUNU's platform is unwavering adherence to international financial regulations, ensuring the integration of cryptocurrency payments maintains the same level of security and compliance as traditional methods. "Security and compliance are non-negotiable for us. Our technology ensures that Palm Angels can delve into digital currencies without exposure to market volatility," emphasized the team at LUNU.

Crafting the Future Together

The incorporation of cryptocurrency payments signals the evolving landscape of fashion retail, as consumers and retailers navigate the possibilities blockchain technologies offer. The collaboration between LUNU and Palm Angels sets a distinctive precedent for seamlessly blending traditional luxury with contemporary payment solutions, forging a path for future collaborations in the high-end fashion sector.

Innovation Unleashed with LUNU and Palm Angels

LUNU's state-of-the-art payment platform introduces a paradigm shift in the commerce experience, ushering in a futuristic era of shopping. Together with Palm Angels, they are not followers of trends; they are trailblazers, redefining the interaction between enthusiasts and avant-garde streetwear.