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Crypto payment solutions in 2022: What’s the best method?

January 15, 2022
Crypto payment solutions in 2022: What’s the best method

The growth in popularity of cryptocurrency has already led to significant changes in the way users make crypto payments. Today, many CEOs of leading corporations operating across different industries are willing to receive digital cash in the form of cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin as an additional means of paying for their products and services. Statistical data shows that over 10,000 digital coins are actively used in the blockchain industry. The clear and stark increase in digital money is a sign of the industry's stability and the emergence of huge competition. It's no wonder that millions of customers are happy to reorient themselves towards crypto exchanges. Entrepreneurs, in turn, are interested in finding the best crypto payment system for their e-commerce processes.

This article looks at the most suitable options for crypto payment integration offered on the global market today. Business owners that are keen to stay up to date with their virtual sales should pay special attention to the key features of the emerging payment platforms and systems that permit users to pay with crypto online. The strengths and weaknesses of three crypto payment processors are detailed below.

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Taking into consideration the significance of different methods of accepting crypto as reliable and convenient crypto payment solutions in a highly competitive market, we should first look at one of the most popular options available to modern businesses for their daily financial operations. The cryptocurrency payment gateway is a specially designed crypto payment processor for organizations of all sizes that use cryptocurrencies in their business activities. The crypto payment gateway solution allows users to integrate crypto payments into the complex system of digital transactions. Through the authorization of the transfer of funds between the buyer and seller, it's easy to pay via crypto online. Sellers can operate their virtual business by taking cards and other forms of online payment from buyers. This tool serves as an agent mediating between the buyer and the payment processor. The crypto payment gateway also provides other services, such as initiating checks for fraud.


  • Online shoppers value the safety of their financial operations. Most branded payment gateways ensure a high level of security.
  • Those who prefer to shop using cryptocurrency value quick cash flows. Most popular crypto payment gateways guarantee high-speed transactions.
  • This crypto payment provider takes payments from practically all leading debit and credit card issuers, including banks, credit unions, fintech agencies, as well as other branded financial institutions.
  • Crypto payment gateways work with all cryptocurrencies and accept crypto payments online.


  • Free versions are less appealing to online purchasers as they lack some valuable features.
  • Fees are rather high, especially if the sales turnover is insignificant. Some providers set certain fees for refunds.
  • Poor customer support service with a focus mainly on email contacts creates inconvenience for clients.
  • Some payment gateways require knowledge of coding and other technical skills. For this reason, it's not a great option for inexperienced sellers who lack sufficient expertise in this area.

Crypto debit and credit cards

When reviewing the most popular crypto debit and credit cards used by contemporary businesses that accept crypto payments, it's critical to consider the role of this option for both online sellers and buyers involved in short-term and long-term e-commerce relationships. Currently, any crypto debit or credit card serves as a cryptocurrency payment provider, although banks continue to enforce certain limitations on regular online transactions for any business using cryptocurrency. The majority of bank cards are suitable for loyal buyers who prefer to do their shopping online. As a rule, these popular cards can be used not only to pay with cryptocurrencies, but also to earn amazing rewards or so-called cashback, enabling further online purchases in the near future. Every holder of this universal card can use crypto to pay for products and services offered both on e-commerce websites and in retail shopping centres.


  • Some cards let users earn interest on crypto funds they hold in their existing bank accounts.
  • All cryptocurrency cards allow their potential holders to initiate the conversion of crypto to a wide range of fiat currencies.
  • It's possible to quickly, conveniently, and safely withdraw cryptocurrency in fiat form at any ATM with the goal of paying for the selected goods and required services at on-site stores where the widely recognized payment card network processors are accepted.
  • Crypto cards are designed to connect their users' bank accounts with their actual crypto accounts.


  • Some crypto cards do not support transactions with all digital currencies launched in the growing blockchain industry.
  • Most crypto credit and debit cards do not allow users to deposit their rewards automatically after making a purchase. This can be done some time later.
  • This crypto payment solution is intended mainly for repeat buyers and sellers who need to convert or accept e-money.

Crypto payment terminals

Everyone who needs to accept cryptocurrency for business or other purposes employs crypto payment terminals as a reliable and easy-to-implement payment strategy. This is a unique approach that can attract the attention of interested parties who value speed and convenience in their routine business activities. Terminals are specially developed to accept both cryptocurrency payments from clients' e-wallets and traditional bank cards. These are the so-called points of sale that help buyers pay for the products and services by means of cryptocurrency credit and debit card payments. Today, the existence of virtual and offline payment systems creates limitless opportunities for all market participants: sellers and their potential buyers. All accepted cryptocurrencies are now available.


  • Cryptocurrency payment terminals are efficient tools with different pay-related capabilities.
  • This crypto payment solution incorporates operations with both digital and fiat currencies.
  • Sufficient cash flow lets users receive the relevant sums of money in their current accounts very quickly.
  • Thanks to the simplicity of the system’s operation and advanced customer support, it's a good option for startups and new ventures looking to succeed in the market.
  • The flexibility of this crypto payment processor is defined by a well-developed system, seamless processing, and high functionality.


  • This crypto payment solution is less appealing to those who are concerned about security issues. Some users claim that online crypto payment terminals are more vulnerable to different forms of virtual payment fraud such as scams, spam, spyware, identity theft, and internet banking fraud or phishing. Currently, providers take strict measures to ensure proper transaction verification and prevent payment fraud.
  • Additional fees for transactions that involve using crypto credit and debit cards make users less happy with the cost of their financial operations. This inconvenience can lead to ongoing rises in the prices of their products and services.
  • A Wi-Fi connection is required for the speedy completion of transactions. In the event that there is a poor internet connection, the payment process will be delayed.

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