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How to Buy a Luxury Watch with Bitcoin – MB&F Use Case

February 22, 2024
MB&F accepts crypto enabled by LUNU

If there's one thing the digital currency industry has taught us, it's that innovation pays. Digital currencies are gaining acceptance, and major luxury brands understand consumer needs by embracing new payment methods. Among the adventurous founders is MB&F, famous for its innovative, visionary design in the art and craft of watchmaking. This article highlights how you can buy watches with crypto and also enlighten you with crypto payment solution!

How to Buy a Watch with Bitcoin

The purchase of a luxury watch with Bitcoin or altcoins is no longer only in the plans but also in the sphere of possibilities these days. Through platforms like Lunu, that make crypto transactions possible, buyers don't need to go through the lengthy process. Choose your desired wristwatch among a wide range of watches, select cryptocurrency as your payment mode, and pay using your favorite crypto wallet. It is a clear-cut procedure that gives buyers the option of ease and freedom in their choice of vehicle. Isn't it exciting that you can buy a watch with crypto? Now, you might be wondering why you should opt for crypto watches, right?

Why Use Bitcoin to Buy a Watch?

In the changing landscape of digital currencies, Bitcoin stands out as a reliable and versatile option for transactions. But why should you consider using Bitcoin to purchase that elegant timepiece you’ve been eyeing? Let’s explore the compelling reasons:

  • Security and Privacy: Bitcoin transactions are secure and decentralized safeguarding your details and ensuring confidentiality. No need to worry about sharing information like credit card details or other sensitive data online.
  • Global Accessibility: Whether you find yourself in Tokyo or Zurich. Bitcoin transcends boundaries. It is universally accepted, enabling you to buy a watch from anywhere without the hassle of dealing with currency conversion.
  • Reduced Transaction Fees: Traditional payment methods often entail fees. With Bitcoin transaction costs are notably lower making it a cost effective choice for watch enthusiasts.

MB&F: A Pioneer in Luxury Horology

There are over 23,000 business outlets registered on, and they are located in every corner of the globe where you can purchase goods and services with Bitcoin. MB&F has been considered to be the most influential in the field of watchmaking with its creative design. It is hard to believe that the brand has only been around since 2005, when it contested traditional notions of horology and redefined its boundaries. In placing LUNU's crypto payment system, MB&F had created a niche in the luxury retail industry. By all means, this collaboration elevates the client experience and encapsulates the brand's dedication to digitization. With the assistance of MB&F, you can buy watches with crypto!

How the Biggest Brands Are Making Pro-Crypto Moves

Top-notch luxury fashion houses and leading brand names also notice the need for cryptocurrency nowadays and here comes the option to buy watches with crypto. The integration of crypto payment contributes to brands such as Farfetch, Off-White, and Browns flourishment by attracting customers who love new and modern technologies.


This guide has presented you with an excellent way to buy watches with crypto. Cryptocurrency has gained immense importance in the modern world, and it is undoubtedly safer than traditional paper currency. Several experts have highlighted the importance of digital currencies like Bitcoins. Further, you do not have to check the exchange rates or undergo the hustle of formalities associated with international transactions. With this simple process, you can easily get yourself BTC watches. So, do not wait to buy watches with crypto!