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Lunu’s New Mobile Terminal is Ready to Accept Cryptos

July 10, 2020
Join Lunu at Money 2020 Amsterdam Sept 22-24 for a test-run

Join us at Money 2020 Amsterdam Sept 22-24 for a test-run!

Small is beautiful… especially when there is big functionality inside!

That’s the case with the new Lunu mobile terminal: it allows crypto wallet holders to use their cryptos instantly, in normal retail transactions, like the original terminal but offers more security, better UI/UX functionality, and broader use, all in a sleeker, smaller design-conscious casing.

We’re introducing the first batch of 100 at the Money 2020 expo in Amsterdam, September 22-24. So come and see us at stand P20 where Lunu staff will be waiting to welcome you and show you how the new terminal works.

We’re currently Beta-testing the new device in offices and a few select retail establishments, to get it ready to accept crypto payments in September. It can also accept Visa and MC credit cards as soon as our application for certification goes through.

We’ve made new Lunu Terminal sleeker, smaller, and, frankly, sexier than the first model. This one is very lightweight: an aluminum body, glass top and surrounding protective rubber bumper. It’s as beautiful as the sophisticated processing software inside.

What’s Not to Like?

Customers will like the fact that they can access their crypto wallets immediately, when they decide to make a purchase, rather than go through a time-consuming and expensive set of steps to unleash the purchasing power of cryptos. And they’ll especially like the fact that they pay no exchange commission at all for the transaction. That’s in addition to the fun and efficiency of using Lunu’s state-of-the art all-in-one terminal. It extends the fun of shopping right through to the end of the payment process: Lunu brings a bit of beauty what used to be just a clunky transaction using an inelegant piece of hardware.

Retailers already like the fact that the Lunu Terminal is multi-functional, so their counters are not cluttered up with a bunch of terminals. And they especially like the fact that Lunu charges retailers just 1% commission — much less than traditional card transactions, which tend to run between 1.5-3%.

And when you see the Lunu Terminal on a retailer’s counter, you know you’re dealing with a hip establishment, one that “gets” you — the crypto-holding customer of the future!