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Why Did Ethereum Just Surpass Bitcoin? The Shift You Can’t Ignore

The New Milestone for Ethereum

Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain network by market capitalization, has recently surpassed Bitcoin in terms of daily active addresses. According to data from the Artemis Terminal, Ethereum now boasts 1.03 million daily active addresses, while Bitcoin lags behind with 743,800. This milestone was reached on September 13, 2023, when Ethereum’s daily active addresses hit approximately 1,089,893, marking the second-highest count in its history.

The Underlying Factors

The surge in Ethereum’s daily active addresses is not an isolated event. It coincides with a new all-time high in daily transactions on the Ethereum network, which reached 1,627,860 on the same day. Market intelligence platform Santiment suggests that this increased on-chain activity could lead to enhanced market volatility and potentially a recovery in the Ether market. Despite recent market instability that pushed Ethereum’s price below the $1,700 threshold, it remains a key player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, with approximately $20 billion in total value locked.

A Journalist’s Perspective

From my point of view, this development is a significant indicator of Ethereum’s growing influence in the crypto space. While Bitcoin has long been the dominant force, Ethereum’s unique capabilities, particularly in smart contracts and DeFi, are drawing more users to its platform. However, it’s crucial to note that Ethereum’s price remains significantly influenced by Bitcoin’s market movements. The digital asset faces substantial selling pressure, and its price is expected to continue its descent in the upcoming weeks.


  • Increased daily active addresses and transactions signify growing interest and optimism in Ethereum.
  • Ethereum’s unique functionalities in smart contracts and DeFi make it a strong contender against Bitcoin.


  • Despite the surge in on-chain activity, Ethereum’s price remains volatile and is influenced by Bitcoin’s market trends.
  • The increase in daily active addresses could lead to enhanced market volatility, which might not be favorable for all investors.

In conclusion, Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin in daily active addresses is a noteworthy event that could signify a shift in the crypto landscape. However, it’s essential to approach this news with a balanced perspective, considering both the opportunities and risks involved.

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