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Catapulting financial
transactions into the world
of human connectivity
More than
just a tech
Lunu is emblematic of a new way of life for the 21st century
Fair and even-handed
Dedicated to art
Creativity and society

Brand story

Lunu is an

With a strong sense of
social responsibility and
a commitment to the
arts and aesthetics

The brand vision encompasses more than just an easy, efficient economical payment system to drive wider consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies. Lunu elevates the debate about the role money plays in our society as a means of connecting people, while the elegant Lunu Terminal brings beauty to the transactional part of commerce – an area that so far has been merely functional at best. And inside this sleek device there is the beauty of the scientific effort that went into creating it.

The transactions and payments made possible with Lunu are essentially an exchange of energy that encourages connectivity and fosters higher values — being connected and open to the future and to new ways of doing things. This philosophy inspires the company’s activities in the world-at-large as a forward-thinking brand.

Lunu is giving birth to a new ecosystem, its own brand of aesthetics built around the idea of the cosmic ocean. The name “Lunu” itself is derived from the Latin word for “Moon” (Luna), the planet that controls the earth’s tides... and the oceans.

The oceans connect everything on earth. It’s the place where life began. Hence, the connection between Lunu and the oceans is symbolic of a nascent world with myriad possibilities.