Lunu Arbitrage Auctions
Lunu Arbitrage Auctions Lunu platform allow cryptocurrency owners (“arbitrageurs”), to act as liquidity providers using their own funds, earning their fees on the buy-sell price differential. Potentially the arbitrageur earns his fee by simultaneously selling cryptocurrency on external exchanges. Become an Arbitrageur
  • The arbitrageur creates an offer for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for stablecoins.
  • To initiate the customer transaction, the retailer inputs pricing and crypto wallet information to the Lunu Terminal to exchange the customer’s cryptocurrency for stablecoins.
  • The Lunu processing system selects the best exchange rate offered by the arbitrageurs and automatically generates an invoice for the customer.
  • The customer pays the invoice, the arbitrageur receives his payment in cryptocurrency, and then Lunu processing transfers the retailer in stablecoins.

Lunu Arbitrage and Exchange System